Turning Points is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia and a registered charity in Canada.

The Society is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors. Our current Board of Director’s skill sets and experience include:

Board Leadership Team

  1. Blair Pedon, Retired Probation Officer
  2. Brynna Hambly, Lawyer
  3. Cheryl Schmidt, Certified Accountant
  4. Kevin Robertson, Lawyer
  5. Kimberly Fuller, Architect
  6. Nicola Hodelet, Psychiatrist
  7. Phyllis Simon, Notary
  8. Rob Sawatzky, Retired Physician/Mayor
  9. Steve McVarnock, Retired RCMP Chief Superintendent

The Board of Directors welcomes you to our new web site. We hope that you will find it useful and informative.

Staff Leadership Team

  1. Randene Wejr, Co-Executive Director
    1. Email: randene.wejr@nullturningpoints.ngo
  2. Kelly Fehr, Co-Executive Director
    1. Email: kelly.fehr@nullturningpoints.ngo
  3. Betty-Lee Longstaff, Controllor
    1. Email: bettylee.longstaff@nullturningpoints.ngo
  4. Brad Houghton, Manager of Addiction’s Services
    1. Email: bradley.houghton@nullturningpoints.ngo
  5. Shelley Kiefiuk, Blair Apartments, Compass-Bridge Housing Manager
    1. Email: shelley.kiefiuk@nullturningpoints.ngo
  6. Lisa Church, Gateway Shelter Manager
    1. lisa.church@nullturningpoints.ngo
  7. Maggie Metz, Howard House, Our Place Shelter Manager
    1. Email: maggie.metz@nullturningpoints.ngo